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Dale Robson
36 The Bank,
Barnard Castle,
Co Durham,
DL12 8PN

Tel. 01833 690157

Email dale.robson@googlemail.com

Here is a small selection of wide our and varied stock of Antiques

Antique Miners Lamps Always in Stock,
 around £85 priced depending on age rarity and condition.

 A flat back bronze horse, circa 1860
The American circus horse Black Eagle, £85

A H. Foster and sons of Darlington
cast iron Victorian kitchen range
priced at £1250

 A glass 1930s light bowl painted with roses priced £95.

see right A large heavy pottery Victorian Sherry cask priced at £145

 Left, Good quality Victorian mahogany arm chair Priced at £365
A quality 1920's Bain Marie priced at £165
A large Victorian Sampler Framed in a Fire screen Priced at £sold A 1930s glass blue marbled light bowl priced at £78

A Victorian / Edwardian oak bound cheese press Priced at £145
Large and unusual weighing scales, Automatic scale co. 1906, with bronze mounts, priced at £285

  Victorian primrose vaseline glass celery vase priced at £165
Georgian / Early Victorian Sampler £285

  A Victorian heavy cut glass and silver plated Claret jug priced at £285
A Selection of Queen Victoria Commemrative mugs priced at £45-£85
Victorian Silver pin tray Hallmarked for London 1885 and made by William Comyns priced at £120 Victorian footbath priced at £450 , a pair of mid Victorian japanned Black tin trays priced at £375

 A cut glass three bottle Oak and Brass Tantalus circa 1900 in oak frame priced at £385
A lovely quality pair of Losol vases circa 1910-19 and priced at £265

 Lovely Quality Art Deco cut glass Silver mounted claret jug made by Walker and Hall hallmarked for Sheffield 1930 and priced at £850

Vintage London Silver Candle Sticks Priced at £sold

An Edwardian crystoleum of dogs design priced at £sold.

A piece of etched glass from a Public House 'The Well Wishers Arms' priced at £450

Several Vintage Cake Stands price varies depending on age, size, shape £15-£30

Victorian Cheese Dish Blue and White Pottery priced at £sold
A stove on a small scale fashioned in brass c1890-1920s priced at £sold

A heavy brass early Victorian goffering iron c1840-1870 priced at £sold

A cast iron Victorian bedroom fireplace circa 1860-80s £145

 Victorian circa 1880 cast iron stick / umbrella stand priced at £185

 A Victorian tin tea canister in good age related condition priced at £sold

 An Antique oak hat stretcher priced at £sold

Unusual Hand Victorian Dated 1882 Fruit Wood Knitting Sheath Priced at £sold,

Brass Victorian Double Heart Knitting Sheath / Stick priced at £sold.

Heavy Victorian Brass Cherub Eros / Cupid Door Porter Antique Door Stop Priced at £185.