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When we first started in business 30 odd years ago period fireplaces were our main specialty. With so much house restoration going on they are still very popular today and make a stunning main feature in any room.

All of our cast iron fires have the traditional black lead finish and come with fire grates, front bars and cast iron backs when pictured.

We also stock fire irons in steel and brass, fire fenders in cast iron and brass and many other fire side objects.

 Victorian White Marble fire surround with Victorian arched cast iron insert. Complete and original dating from around 1880 and priced at Sold

  Victorian cast iron surround priced at £850 and Victorian cast iron arched insert priced at £450 dating from around the 1860 -80s

Victorian cast iron H Foster and son's Darlington, kitchen range fireplace dating from around 1860-80 priced at £1250
Victorian cast iron surround dating from around 1860 and priced at £850. Cast iron Victorian arched insert dating from around 1860 and priced at £400. Also pictured a good Victorian cast iron fender dating from around 1850 and priced at £sold

One piece cast iron Art Nouveau combination fireplace with original tiles dating from around 1895-1910 and priced at £700


A Victorian cast iron fire insert and surround dating from around 1860-80s and priced at £sold.

 Also pictured a Victorian nursery fire guard dating from around 1860 and priced at £265.

A one piece cast iron combination fireplace dating from around 1890 priced at £280. Also pictured a Victorian nursery fire guard.