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Georgian Dublin Silver Bottle Coaster,Silver mounted Claret jug, Silver Sugar caster, Antique Silver toast rack, Antique Silver candlesticks, gold vesta case.
Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian silver spoons hallmarked for London, Newcastle, Dublin, Exeter, York, and Glasgow. Silver stilton scoop, sugar spoon, silver  pickle forks, jam spoons, silver sauce ladles and silver toddy lifters.
   Silver cutlery items and serviette rings, mustard spoons, salt spoons, marrow scoop, caddy spoons, pickle forks, tea spoons, dessert forks, toddy ladles and Scottish provincial silver.Antique silver toast racks, Antique silver Art Nouveau photograph frame, Antique silver cream jugs, mustard pots, silver grape scissors.etc
Antique silver sauce boat, Antique silver cigar case, Antique silver inkwell.
Antique Silver Salt Spoons, Sterling Silver Mustard Spoons, Antique Silver Dessert Forks, Scottish and Irish Provincial Silver.
 A large selection of Antique silver match vesta cases, Edwardian Vesta case, engraved vesta case.
A Selection of Hallmarked Chester Silver, Cigar Case, Snuff Box, Serviette rings, Calender, Match Vestas, Open Salts, Mustard Pots, Perfumes, Desk Seal, Dressing Table Boxes.
A Selection of English Sliver Georgian Cream Jugs, Tankard, Goblet, silver Candlesticks, silver Mustard Pots, silver Sugar and Spice Casters, Novelty silver Pepper Pots, antique silver Sewing Animal Pin Cushions.
Solid silver Shoe Horn, Tapersticks, Enamel Compacts and Perfumes, Inkwells, Jet Brooches, Bar Brooches, Gold Vesta, Match striker.  Silver plated wine coasters, marrow scoop, silver plated vase.
 Solid Cast Silver Candlesticks, Georgian Silver Wine Funnel, Stamp cases, Silver Shoe Pin Cushion, Enamel Peppers, Silver Decanter Lables.
Silver napkin rings, silver fish slice, serving spoons etc. Solid silver napkin rings serviette rings (pairs and singles)  Engraved silver napkin rings pierced Antique silver napkin rings, names Betty, May, Dora, Sophia, Mina, Grace, single Initials D, A, R, W, T, double initials WJ, HB, ET, BR, MR, IH and treble AGJ, JCS, and lots of plain not initialed ones.
Silver pin cushions, perfumes, bottle tickets / tags, stamp cases, card cases, flirting mirrors, magnifiyers, tooth picks, bookmarks and sovereign cases.
A Selection of Victorian and Edwardian Silver Topped Perfume Bottles, Cranberry / Ruby Glass.
A selection of English Hallmarked Silver, Inkwells, Tea Sets, Sauce Boats, Cream Jugs, Bon Bon Dishes.
Victorian and Edwardian Silver Topped Perfumes, Silver Boxes, Ladies Visiting Card Case.
Victorian and Edwardian Silver Turtle / Tortoiseshell Inlaid Perfumes and Traveling bottles. Antique silver perfume bottles, silver perfumes.
Silver Dish Embossed with a Cherub, Gentleman's Fruit Knives, Marrow Scoop, Silver cream jug, silver topped cut glass dressing table boxes.
Antique Silver picture frames, Scottish silver tea set, silver bisciut box, William lV Christening Mug, Silver Mustard Pot, Dutch Silver Knitting Needle holder, Dutch Silver Needle case, Silver Hot Toddy / Brandy Warmer.
 Inkwells, Silver Tankard, DLI Medal, Mustard Pot, Snuff Box, Silver Grape Scissors, Silver Candlesticks, Silver Vase, Silver Traveling Communion set.
Silver Candlesticks, Toast Rack, Set Of Four Open Salts, Grape Scissors, Double Ink Stand, Eight Piece Cruet Set.
Silver Salvers, Boxed Sets of Six Serviette Rings, Soup Ladles, Stuffing / Basting Spoons, Crumb Scoop, Asparagus Tongs, Stilton Scoop, Menu Holders, Sugar Tongs.
Antique Silver Cruet Items Silver Mustards, Pairs of Peppers, Open silver salts. Pierced Silver Mustard Pot, Silver Condiments,
Silver Christening Items Egg Cups, Christening Mugs, Inkwells, Perfumes, Pushers and Spoons.