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Silver Toast Rack Hallmarked for Sheffield 1932 made by Walker and Hall and priced at £225 stand measures 4.5"long by 3.5" inchesLarge cooling fan from a Deltic Loco £450
Victorian Christening Mug Hallmarked for London 1873 and Priced at £sold a 1 pint mug.Art Deco Silver Advertising tray Brook Radio Hallmarked for Sheffield 1918 and priced at £165 diameter 5" inches
Silver Pierced Vase Hallmarked for London 1911 Makers Mark for Goldsmiths and Sliversmiths and priced at £165 its is 5.5" inches tall.Silver Sugar Caster or Sugar Sifter Hallmarked for Sheffield 1909 and priced at £275 it is 6.5" inches tall
 Sterling Silver, engraved with a C, napkin rings Hallmarked for Sheffield 1914 priced at £125 A Sterling Silver Shoe Pincushion Hallmarked for B/ham 1890 and priced at £345 it measures 4" inches long
A Silver Minature Coal Scuttle Hallmarked for B/ham 1903 and priced at £175 2"inches high.A Silver Minature Novelty Pepper Modeled as a Cream Can Hallmarked for B/ham 1901 and priced at £145 it is 2" inches high.

Georgian Silver Claret Wine Bottle Lable Hallmarked for London 1822 priced at £88

Silver Match Vesta Case Hallmarked for B/ham 1902 and priced at £95

Georgian Silver Caddy spoon Hallmarked for London 1818 Makers Mark for John Lawrence and priced at £125

Caddy Spoon Hallmarks

 Silver sovereign case / vesta case and stamp case combined, hallmarked for Birmingham 1905 and priced at £sold
A sterling silver 8 piece cruet set mustard pots, pepper pots and salts Sheffield 1937 priced at £sold.
Selection on Antique Silver Blue enameled compact of navy interestEngraved Antique silver cigar case Hallmarked for Birmingham 1902 priced At £345
 A silver brandy warming pan and burner on stand hallmarked for Sheffield 1968 priced at £450Antique silver asparagus servers in kings pattern Sheffield 1899 and priced at £385