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Made in the North of England, quilting has long been a local tradition hand sewn quilts ( made on a quilting frame ) are made up of two layers of material with a wadding (for warmth)  sandwiched in between. The three layers are held together by a running stitch in a simple or an elaborate design. Some are real works of art and can be considered a true folk art passed down through several generations.

  Quilts have long been an interest of mine having been born in the Weardale area and with connections to the surrounding Dales, where several famous quilters lived and worked. I always have a large collection for sale from £80 for a simple wholecloth right up to £1000 for rare Georgian chinz patchworks.

 Anne Robson
Left hand quilt, a 1920's floral wholecloth hand stitched quilt priced at £265.

Right hand quilt, A similar example priced at £285
A good floral sprigged north country quilt dating from around 1850, priced at £360
 pink/white reverse Durham Quilt c1920s well stitched twist cable boarder and scrolls in the corners, the central design with roses surrounding, this wholecloth quilt measures 82"-100" priced at £210. close up photo to the right>>>>
 white/pale lemon reverse Durham Quilt c1920s well stitched with central radiating leaves and roses in the Allenheads style with a hammock boarder very neat diamond infill the overall design very like George Gardiner's work, the quilt measures 91"-82" priced at £265. close up photo to the right>>>>
 white/yellow reverse Durham Quilt c1920s-30s well stitched with leaves and feathers radiating from a central rose, this wholecloth quilt measures 87"-195" priced at £285. close up photo to the right>>>>
Some of our Durham quilts and North country quilts, hand quilted patchwork quilts, most of our quilts are around 100yrs old or older.